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Watching the Oscars at the Mellow Mushroom. See   ,  and


Click here for the Philadelphia Tribune:


The accident was four weeks ago today. Listening to an ACHA interview on Spectrum. Even though I don't fit into that demographic, I have fallen through too many cracks these last couple months.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Today is the feast of the Chair of St. Peter. Tomorrow the couch, Sunday the footstool:

Thursday, February 21, 2013


R says Mom doesn't want you to be my boyfriend. And I guess you don't want to be my boyfriend anyway.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The robbery was four months ago today. A couple days ago R said it was a little early for the healing to begin. Now he says a third of a year has passed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Keith Augello, co-founder of was found dead in his Southeast Florida home, apparently of a heart attack. 

Monday, February 18, 2013



Happy Presidents' Day. I can't think of anything good to say about the current president, but am trying to wish him no ill will. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013


A couple days ago someone started a thread on titled “Sharing our towns and cities.”

Here is my contribution, along with other people’s comments:

I live in DC, born there, moved back in 1994.

I guess you see pix of the Capitol and the White House, etc, but this is my world:

DuPont Circle

This is Adams Morgan, where I live and where I want to continue living. This is what we call “the Strip”

This is Millie ‘N Al’s, one of the oldest establishments on the strip: 

Sometimes the owner refills my wine glass for free without saying a word. They were wonderful to me after the robbery. I was invited to the staff and friends Christmas party even though I don’t work there.

This is Shenanigans Irish Pub, voted one of the 25 “douchiest” bars in DC. About a month ago they made headlines when some kid went to a party there, went home drunk and ended up dying in a ventilation shaft:

Funny, the “douchiest” bars are the ones in which I get treated like a princess. Two of their staff were hurt in the robbery almost four months ago. They may have saved my life.

Polly in Canada says “Hey JaneDoe, I'm glad you posted pics of your 'hood. With all the scary stuff that seems to happen there, I've kind of wondered what the appeal is. I knew there must be something, and it actually does look like a place I'd like too. I understand now. :)”

My answer: “Thank you, P. It’s not for everyone—I had a boyfriend who lived in the ‘burbs and liked the idea of Adams Morgan until he actually spent time there—he liked the clubs and the little shops/restaurants but not the traffic/parking and not dealing with nonwhite people and other suburbanites converging on the ‘hood.
He ended up marrying his ex-girlfriend who lived even farther out in the ‘burbs than he did.

And you have to deal with the fact that your friends/relatives grumble about visiting you yet have no qualms about your driving 45 minutes to their houses outside the Beltway. And cleaning/delivery people who charge extra or just plain won’t come to your neighbourhood.

I have lived here almost 17 years—one woman told me I was a local treasure. After the robbery a bartender told me “everyone likes you and everyone feels bad about what happened.” And there’s the bouncer who opens the red velvet rope for me as though I were Lady Gaga or Madonna, the cop who pulls up next to me in his SUV and asks how I’m doing, the pizza guy who trusts me to go into his tip jar to get change, the bank teller who addresses me by my first name and the bartender who personally makes sure I don’t get too shitfaced. And the homeless guy who walks me home sometimes…”…

Bugs in California says “JaneDoe, that kind of feeling of belonging is special. Now I understand why you stay where you are too.”

My reply “Yeah, Bugs, it's kind of like "where everybody knows your name." I think some neighbourhoods in DC or in other cities are like little towns unto themselves. Like when you say "I got totally trashed last night" and the bartender down the street says "yeah, I saw." But then on Thanksgiving Day the same bartender calls a toast and says "in some fucked up incestual way we're all family."

BF in Missouri says “DH used to live right off DuPont Circle - in 1970! He said even then, Adams Morgan was a mixture of trendy & funky. He went there for groceries a few times. That's a beautiful fountain.”

My reply: “BF, I am kind of between DuPont Circle and Adams Morgan. It is not elegant like Georgetown or trendy like Chinatown has become--it is a mixture of artsy/ethnic/bluecollar/Bohemian. It's not the life I planned for myself or what my mom wanted for me--eating in diners, hanging with bouncers and fighting with Romany but it's where I am now. And it's like Matthew Perry said on Go On, "they're your team."


Yeah, I know it's kind of late, but click here for the Dialog:

DAY 121

Remembering my father who would have been 89 years old today. And his twin sister, Aunt Margie, who IS 89 today.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Dow up, slightly under 14,000, weather tolerable in the middle of the week but bitterly cold on the weekend. Loading up on vitamins, supplements etc. Not sure about gas prices as I have no car ):

DAY 119

Decided to make my Lenten project about senior citizens.

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DAY 117

I know, Lent sucks. As usual, I am giving up booze. And here is a good article: 

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DAY 114

Six months ago today Puzzle died. Three months ago Perpetua died. The accident was three weeks ago.


Click here for the Newark Post:

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Dow closed up, temperatures bitterly cold. I was going to say I was doing very well healthwise but then a couple things came up today. Still, pretty good, although I hope P doesn’t only see me coughing or blowing my nose. Not sure what the price of gas is as I don’t have a car. 

DAY 113

"Six cheap people in an empty hotel"

Neil Simon 

That's a line from the Odd Couple with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. One of the characters is headed to Florida for a vacation in July. I told this to a German guy who thought this was hysterical. He sez in Germany it's the same way with North Sea vacations--you can get them really cheap this time of year. So in bitterly cold weather like this I fantasize I'm taking a North Sea cruise. Or a Baltic Sea cruise. 

Friday, February 08, 2013

DAY 112

Went to the DMV. Baby steps again.

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Magic happens.

DAY 111

Got some stuff out of the car. Anyone in the passenger seat would have got a face full of glass.

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Or, Don't Stand So Close to Me:

Saw Lolita on TCM. Fifty years after it was made it strikes a chord. All this misplaced, inappropriate love--Charlotte's love for Humbert, Humbert's love for Lolita, Lolita's love for Quilty, Quilty's lust for Lolita. None of it returned, Humbert's marrying a woman he's unattracted to just to be near her daughter, a woman with not apparently much time to live hit by a car and killed. None of these people can help their biological attractions and the morally wrong prey on the most vulnerable.

My most recent attraction, while misplaced, irrational, illogical and inappropriate, is at least unmarried, heterosexual and of legal age.

DAY 110

Heard a minor accident on Connecticut Avenue. Scared me.

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...because you're delusional."

Jorge Garcia

DAY 108

Wow, it's amazing how people's lives can suck less within minutes